Sunday, November 27, 2011

HK Love

A late round up from our Hong Kong and Canton trip.

After a year of not eating any red meat - this was the first time J had beef.
I broke down about once every 3-4 months jonesing for Korean BBQ.
It was still my first time having beef noodle in over a year too.
We're practicing moderation now. :)

 I already blogged about my obsession over this car HERE.

Kawaii overload!

 Can you spot me among the thousands of angry monsters in this closet of a shop?

We went out to the Lam Tei area of Hong Kong with some aunties and uncle to try this famed,
Michelin rated restaurant "Four Seasons".  This authentic soup was scrumptious!

"Red Seasons" is ultimately famous for their roasted pig dishes!
 Crispy and tender, flavorful and delicious! nom nom nom!
 The stuffed version gets a walk down the aisle!
 Shrimp stuffed steamed tofu with veggies - my tummy is grumbling just looking at these pics again!
 It was a LOOONG day and long car ride out to Lam Tei, but worth it in the end!
 Crispy calamari

 Their FAMOUS chicken have an extra toe, can you spot it?  It's almost like a dew-claw.
 At another restaurant, J's family had soft-shelled turtle.  It's a total pass for me - no thanks!
I heart turtles - when they're alive!

On the freezing bus tour of Canton [Guangzou].
 In front of the Olympic Center in Guangzhou.

Visiting one of the oldest and richest homes in Guangzhou...

 This carrier box was used to transport the wealthy women that had binded feet.

An old picture of women buying cloth to make clothes. :)

On the second day of the tour, we visited a huge flower garden/theme park?

In China, most people do not have the space to garden and grow their own flowers to enjoy.
Coming to the garden is a big treat!

I was amused by this garden courtyard area that was ENTIRELY devoted to the late Princess Diana.

There were about a dozen statues of Diana around the courtyard.
This one of her "skiing" made me lol the most!

Did I mention the bathroom signs?
Even bathrooms get rated!

J and I had a grand time playing around in this garden of cartoon characters!
Trust me when I say that Asian women don't seem to ever outgrow the love
for something sweet and cute (like Hello Kitty!)

LOTS of couples were taking their engagement pictures at these gardens.

Just for fun, I wanted to do one of the popular engagement photo locations.
I call this one "the tunnel of looove" hehehe

The "ZOO" consisted of about 30-something pomeranians and one special Pekingese.

They even had their own little "Great Wall of China".

This trip to Hong Kong and Guangzhou is very special to us.
It may be a long while before we get to go to Hong Kong again,
and even longer, if ever, to Guangzhou.
It was nice to be able to spend time with J's parents and other relatives
for a very memorable trip.